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Nuno Sousa Vieira

Squared (Centrifugal Tautology)

March 2019


Squared (Centrifugal Tautology)


Squared (Centrifugal Tautology) is an Instagram-specific project by Portuguese artist Nuno Sousa Vieira. The project is presented by Solo Vagante, exhibited daily throughout a period of 15 days on the Instagram account @solovaganteprojects and the website www.solovagante.com

As the title itself indicates, the project points to the speculative possibilities of multiplication, which are inherent in artistic creation. The pre-set limit of the square, which references to the historical evolution of Instagram, also one of the preferred features of the minimalist artists, is the foundation and creative support for this newly developed body of works.

The artist's work summons the inheritance of an industrial space to operate a constant multiplication of the real, concretely Re-duplicating what physically surrounds him. Taking advantage of the industrial heritage that is present in his daily life and materialized in his Workspace, his studio, a dismissed factory in Leiria, Portugal, the artist returns to the material space, objects, places and actions that were lost in time.

The limitations set by the IG square is here the creative basis for this extension of Nuno Sousa Vieira’s artistic records.

The method used is to 'multiplies' / 'squares' according to a mathematical order that echoes the repetition referred to by Gilles Deleuze for the achievement of creative difference. Double Double is one of the artworks’ titles that points to a zone of light, in which each object, place and time is replicated, in an added way.

In each piece, the artist folds, cuts and repeats gestures to offer the spectator, the possibility of following him into his daily work at the factory/workshop: the inside and the outside, the before and after, the make and the expose, the gesture in space and time, ultimately transcending both. Therefore, by looking at each work on this platform of mass access (IG), each one can find the fold that resumes the artist’s unique gesture, who now multiplies to make each piece in another, brand new work.

What can be seen in this project are the chosen images of other images taken by the artist. In them, Nuno Sousa Vieira (re) duplicates, and photographs in a square format the types of actions and artistic procedures that he had previously used to develop each work. Adapting here, in the IG ecosystem a new duplicate of an original double, this space becomes a place of meeting of sort. A space that functions as a mediation between the idea and the matter.

This tautology, operated in the artworks uniquely created for this project, makes each of them a field of centrifugal forces. What ultimately emerges through a 2 weeks long (virtual) exhibition, is a path within the space of Nuno Sousa Vieira's mind and his very own working space.

Curated by Rita Gaspar Vieira


Produced by Marcello Bardi