October 15th – November 8th 2015

Opening Wednesday, October 14th 2015 at 6pm

SOLIVAGANT* is pleased to announce the first US solo show and presentation of works by GIROLAMO MARRI.
“We forgot the name of what we wanted to do” will bring a series of performances, interventions and participatory actions to SOLIVAGANT*, and from there into the gallery's local context, both public and private: adjacent buildings, shops, sidewalks, and the school across the street, for starters. 

GIROLAMO MARRI’s practice includes preambles to talks never given, frantic group meditations, silent interviews, texts meant to be forever updated, preposterous street signs and all kinds of disquieting interactions with strangers. For SOLIVAGANT*, he will set up and play out a variety of difficult moments – with occasional photo ops – over the course of three weeks. Audience and neighbors alike will be invited/challenged to participate actively in that discomfort, rather than just watch it go by. Folding chairs, reading stands, microphones, electrical cables, books, a bamboo flute, a bicycle horn, crockery, hammers, tape, and coffee machines may or may not intersect with the artist’s communicative physicality at any given time. 

The first interaction will take place at the opening, on Wednesday, October 14th at 6pm. Other Interventions will be announced successively via social media.

GIROLAMO MARRI’s practice establishes connections based on the very shortcomings of communication, while using absurd humor, fractured language and play on expectations. The Artist explores the distance between a rational interpretation of present reality, and one that is more intuitive and less definable. Based in London where he completed an MA in Sculpture and Performance at the Royal College of Art, GIROLAMO MARRI has performed and exhibited at the Zendai MOMA; Shanghai Gallery of Art; BANK in China; Firstsite; the Showroom and Matt’s Gallery Gallery in the UK; Walden Affairs; NASA/SMART Project Space in the Netherlands; and Pierogi Boiler in NYC.

SOLIVAGANT* is an Art Project Space measuring exactly 79sq.ft, located in the heart of New York CIty's Lower East Side. As a platform for experimentation and contemporary practices, it invites artists to work site-specifically, through public interactions, community involvement, installation and performance. Cultural Nomadism, contamination of productions and hybridism of ideas are the fundamentals of SOLIVAGANT*’s projects. 

Artworks are on view daily from 9am to 7pm through the Gallery’s window. Gallery space opens by appointment and during performances. Documentation of exhibitions can be accessed 24/7 online at 

For press inquiries please contact the Gallery at