Sebastien  Leon




May 15th 2015 - August 28th 2015

SOLIVAGANT* presents
On view starting Friday, May 15th 2015

SOLIVAGANT* is pleased to announce Sebastien Leon’s first solo exhibition “Echoes” at its project space located at 53 Orchard in New York City and online at .
Sebastien Leon started the ECHOES series in 2013 as an ongoing collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures. The project was born on architectural software with the design of a cage composed of one single wire running through a cluster of imbricated cubes. Representing self-imposed limitations, this three- dimensional, virtual structure serves as the central prism of the series.
Through ECHOES I, the artist uses spray paint on canvas to depict starry nights from various points of view located within the cage, as if longing for the infinite while being confined to contrived perspectives. The wires chart the sky yet separates us from its experience.
These projections transition with ECHOES II and ECHOES III to reference points situated outside of the cage, showing a process of metamorphosis. The media used here by Sebastien Leon borrow from the world of construction - plaster, tape, screws, sheetrock, aluminum studs - while some paintings become sculptures by being mounted onto bare aluminum structures.
In ECHOES IV, a series of 7 sculptural compositions made out of French Douglass pine’ slabs and metals, Sebastien Leon translates the aboriginals concepts of “songs-lines” into echoed paths marked into the wood.
Sebastien Leon (Orléans, France) is a New York-LA-based artist who translates his “mindscapes” into exhibitions composed of a mix of individual artworks. His ethereal physical environments incorporate music, drawing, painting, sculpture, and furniture.
SOLIVAGANT* is a contemporary art project space of exactly 79sq.ft located in the heart of Chinatown, Manhattan. It presents a program of sculptural installations, tri-dimensional artifacts, material and tactile experimentations set to ignite a new narrative around themes of nomadism, contamination and hybridism. SOLIVAGANT* periodically rotates current’s exhibit installations to fully showcase the complete artist’s production. Presentations are on view daily from 9am to 7pm. Gallery space opens by appointment and exhibitions can be fully accessed 24/7 online at .

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*Solivagant is a solitary adventurer that wonders at the beauty of the world.


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