Solivagant* is now SOLO VAGANTE

SOLIVAGANT* Contemporary Art Project opened in May 2015 in New York Lower East Side, on Orchard St. The project stayed open until early 2017.

It was a 9 squared meters gallery space literally excavated from a local restaurant supplies depot, comprised of 3 white walls and a glass door, facing the sidewalks and only accessible from the street. LED lights were intentionally uber-bright, as a scream for attention to any passerby.

The program saw a succession of very diverse projects, from sculpture to paintings to performances of rock and experimental music concerts.

Each and every project was developed by using the physical space, a mere 33 sq.ft of cement and sheetrock, used as a black canvas, leveraging creative ideas site-specifically and site-reactively.

The perfect square white cube in the heart of Manhattan was meant to be a projection of what art can do and can be when contrived by physical limitations. Challenging both artists and the public.

The very idea of Solivagant* has transmuted into a new ethereal vibe. SOLO VAGANTE projects are now manifesting within the white square of Instagram.

A metaphysical continuation of the Solivagant* ideas, every new project is exhibited for an extended period of time on this and several other online platform.

Creative producers are invited to run unique projects to be exclusively unfold on IG, with or without actual narrative, absorbed entirely by the allure of a white, pristine square and its possibilities.

Stay tuned and participate; the rhizomatic collaboration among producers and users is what this space is for.


NUNO SOUSA VIEIRA : Squared (Centrifugal Tautology)